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 SV Start is your go-to if you consider opening your innovation outpost in the Silicon Valley. With over 6 years of running a program called "Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours", visiting hundreds of organisations in the San Francisco Bay Area and helping more than 500 top managers from everywhere in the world better understand the future of their industry, we can provide the perfect network to help you start fast and safe and avoid losing a lot of money.


If you want to do it, do it right, do it right

(we can do it alright)

A lot of important details involved

 The Silicon Valley is an attractive place if you are looking for gamechanging innovation, connection to some of the best universities in the world, the whole ecosystem of Startups & Venture Capital and Corporate Innovation. 

There are a lot of things to look at, when you consider building your bridge to the Silicon Valley. We help you explore, determine, connect, build, establish and inaugorate.

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 Developing a outpost strategy

Finding the right work-space

Recruiting your team in the Silicon Valley

Incorporation and IP


Connecting with entrepreneurs, the startup-ecosystem, venture capitalists, the big players, the government,...

Meetups, Mixers, Events that are relevant


The right players
for the right game

Happy to meet you (virtually)


Niki Ernst

Innovation Evangelist and Forecast Thinker, Co-Founder of Silicon Valley Inspiration Tours, Faculty Coach of Stanford University, Singularity University, TED, TEDx, former Global TEDxAmbassador. Nomad.


Florian Brody

Silicon Valley Veteran, Go To Market Strategist, Certified Resiliance Trainer, New Media Visionairy, renowned Speaker and Faculty Member of some of the best Universities in Europa. 

 SV Start is an initiative of the IACy, the Innovationagency Network. We want to help our clients be the best players in their industry.
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is to start.

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